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22 September 2008 @ 02:23 pm
Dancing Girl (Flowers in the Attic Drabble)  

Disclaimer: I do not own Flowers in the Attic. I do not own any characters from the FitA series. Takes place near the end of "Petals on the Wind." Warning : Hints on mature themes.

She danced in Paul’s dusty attic, spinning until she was dizzy. Her vision whipped by the mirror in front of her through strands of white blonde. She watched herself glide by as if in a dream until her prince’s reflection was behind her. He was standing in the corner, his eyes focusing on her. She stopped suddenly to gaze at him through the reflecting window. He approached her slowly. Her heartbeat sped as his arm wrapped slipped around her waist. She felt his soft touch through her pink leotard, causing shivers to run down her spine. He wrapped his other arm gently around her shoulders, holding her to him as closely as possible. He bent his head so his lips were next to her ear.

“I love watching you dance, Catherine. Will you dance with me?”

Not wanting to, yet unable to stop herself, she spun to face him. He smiled down at her as he repositioned his hands to lead her in a dance. They spun around the attic, dancing a dance the rest of the world would never know or understand.

He stopped only to press a delicate kiss on her forehead. She glimpsed up to gaze into his eyes, the eyes that reflected only love. He smiled and lowered his lips to hers. She refused to move hers with his but her heart gave in and she responded to his ever growing kiss. His hand traced up her back until his fingers tangled in her hair, pressing her fully against him. She told herself to stop but her body and heart had other plans. The passion she had held back fully engulfed her as she pulled away to look back into his loving gaze. His blue eyes sparkled down at hers. He smiled and planted kisses down her cheek.

“My Catherine, oh my Catherine, let me love you,” he whispered into her ear, planting tender kisses about her collarbone. Her body betrayed her as she shivered with delight. She felt him smile against her before he picked her up and carried her off to his bedroom.